The republicans are at it again

Three days after passing Juneteenth as a federal holiday, the Republicans have continued their war against Black Americans and our Constitutional, Civil, and Human rights. Only hours before the time of this writing, The New York Times reported how Republicans have blocked a voting rights bill that pushes for federal voting protections.

Republicans on Tuesday blocked the most ambitious voting rights legislation to come before Congress in a generation, dealing a blow to Democrats’ attempts to counter a wave of state-level ballot restrictions and supercharging a campaign to end the legislative filibuster. (Nick Corasaniti, The New York Times)

Actions such…

Or is this just for show?

At the moment I am writing this, Juneteenth has just been signed into law by President Biden as a national holiday. This gesture means that America is acknowledging the importance of commemorating the freedom of African Americans in a country that enslaved us for 246 years.

And it only took 158 years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation for this to happen. (hear the sarcasm there?)

So what does this mean? Does this finally mean that Black lives are now going to matter to America? Does this mean that Black bodies are no longer going to be exploited? Are…

A Juneteenth Haiku

Racists Always Want to Change the Narrative


If we ever want to come together as a nation to provide a brighter future for our children, then we must stop denying our past

When my daughter was about 11 or 12 years old, I bought her the book entitled To Be a Slave by Julius Lester. I wanted to begin teaching her about the history of slavery — a history that directly involves our ancestors. My great, great grandfather on my mother’s side was born into slavery. He managed to escape at seventeen and married my great, great grandmother, a Native American woman who worked to free many enslaved Africans. …

Is he even worthy of God’s forgiveness?

For the last year since George Floyd’s heinous murder, where his life was mercilessly strangled from his body by Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck, I have been struggling with whether I think God should forgive Chauvin. Of course, I know this is not my judgment call to make, however, the massacre of Mr. Floyd was such a vile act of racial terrorism carried out against an innocent man, that it most certainly is a matter worthy of reflective analysis.

As I have contemplated this question, I have also asked myself if Chauvin even deserves God’s forgiveness. Does he deserve…

The audacity of whiteness strikes again

On May 11, 2021 my mother was assaulted by a racist “Karen” while shopping in the drug store. I was not with her when the incident occurred, but she called and told me about it when she got home. As soon as she did, I picked her up and took her back to the store to discuss this with the store manager, not only to make her aware of the incident, but also to make her aware of the negligence of one of the store employees (who also proved to be a racist Karen).

She told my mother, “I don’t…

This country wants us to pledge allegiance to it, but it does not pledge allegiance to us, as people of color

I previously wrote an article about why I vowed never to say the Pledge of Allegiance again. It is because of the words “liberty and justice for all,” that are only true in this country so long as you are of the right skin color, sex, gender, income bracket, sexual identity, religion, ability, national origin, and political affiliation.

After writing that article I decided to recount the time when I was teaching at a predominantly Black and Latinx middle school, and two White teachers kept forcing the students to recite the Pledge. This is an issue that is much bigger…

America has blood on her hands

America oftentimes creates a distorted reality regarding its heinous actions of the past, especially those committed against Africans and African Americans as this country was being founded. Racism and white supremacy were, and are, practiced so fervently, and are entrenched in American idealism so thoroughly, that they not only became a way of being in America, they also became a means by which to either overlook or to justify, the dark past of American history.

Too many choose to believe that America’s founding was based solely on the American Revolution in 1776 while ignoring the way in which prior criminal…

L.A. Justice

Theologian | Author | Activist | Educator | Previously a Biochemist | Member of #WEOC | A Top Writer in Racism and BlackLivesMatter

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