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A re-interpretation of the Creation Story in Genesis 1:1–2:3

African American Lady, Nubian Queen | Aymara Mejia | Shutterstock.com

In the beginning

In the beginning, God created in me the heavens on this earth. Now I was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of my soul, but the Spirit of God was hovering above me.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “my child,” and the darkness God called “sin.” And there was evening and there was morning — the first day.

And it was so. God called the dry ground “grace” and the gathered waters God…

A Pledge to Fight for Justice

Black Lives Matter on American flag background. Protest against racism and social inequality concept | Ketmut | Shutterstock.com

I previously wrote an article explaining why I stopped reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to a piece of cloth that is supposed to symbolize freedom and justice.

It has everything to do with the continued oppression and marginalization of people in this country because of race, gender, sex, economic status, ability, national origin, religion, etc. and my refusal to pledge to a country that hypocritically proclaims “liberty and justice for all,” but has always practiced liberty and justice for the select few.

Therefore, because of the climate of turmoil that this country is currently (and seemingly perpetually) steeped in, I…

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A haiku

America must be held accountable for its past and present actions

Frederick Douglass (1818–1895), African Americam abolitionist, writer and statesman, ca 1870s | Everett Collection | Shutterstock.com

Freedom for whites, Bondage for Blacks

At this point I think most of America knows that on July 4, 1776, when this nation gained its independence from British rule, Black people’s freedom and labor had been stolen 157 years prior by the very people who were seeking their own freedom. And they remained in bondage for another 89 years after this country’s freedom was attained, bondage that led to the economic prosperity of white people in this country, and thrust Black people into a state of perpetual poverty.

So, oppression was only a problem to this country when white people were the victims. It was highly…

Do the justice work instead

Group of activists with holding hands protesting in the city | Jacob Lund | Shutterstock.com

It is time to stop

It is time to stop posting all your self-congratulatory pics in your “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts. It is time to stop trying to prove to your one Black friend that you are not a racist.

It is time to stop the fake empathy whenever you read an article from a Black author, claiming to understand our experiences. It is time to stop monetizing our pain by being the white anti-racist writer who does nothing to actually dismantle injustice.

If you feel offended by anything I’ve said, it’s probably because it’s you who I am speaking about

It is time to…

The republicans are at it again

Black lives matter banner for protest, rally, or awareness campaign against racial discrimination | Zeedign | Shutterstock.com

Three days after passing Juneteenth as a federal holiday, the Republicans have continued their war against Black Americans and our Constitutional, Civil, and Human rights. Only hours before the time of this writing, The New York Times reported how Republicans have blocked a voting rights bill that pushes for federal voting protections.

Republicans on Tuesday blocked the most ambitious voting rights legislation to come before Congress in a generation, dealing a blow to Democrats’ attempts to counter a wave of state-level ballot restrictions and supercharging a campaign to end the legislative filibuster. (Nick Corasaniti, The New York Times)

Actions such…

Or is this just for show?

Juneteenth, June 19, 1865 — Freedom Day in the United States of America | Tasha Art | Shutterstock.com

At the moment I am writing this, Juneteenth has just been signed into law by President Biden as a national holiday. This gesture means that America is acknowledging the importance of commemorating the freedom of African Americans in a country that enslaved us for 246 years.

And it only took 158 years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation for this to happen. (hear the sarcasm there?)

So what does this mean? Does this finally mean that Black lives are now going to matter to America? Does this mean that Black bodies are no longer going to be exploited? Are…

Juneteenth Day, celebration freedom, emancipation day on 19 June, African-American history and heritage | Ipoc Studio | Shutterstock.com

A Juneteenth Haiku

Hello I Am a Racist Name Tag Sticker Prejudice Discrimination | iQoncept | Shutterstock.com

Racists Always Want to Change the Narrative

L.A. Justice

Theologian | Author | Activist | Educator | Previously a Biochemist | Member of #WEOC | A Top Writer in Racism and BlackLivesMatter

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