How children are being exploited in America’s fear-mongering agenda

Battle of the Military in the War | Phet Thai |

Much of America still seems to be in denial of this country’s dark past because they cannot reconcile the paradoxical nature of the vile inhumanity of its barbaric actions with its ideals of freedom, equality, and justice. (L.A. Justice — When the Truth Hurts: The 1619 Project and America’s Schools).

America’s Anti-Blackness War


For Black children everywhere

Elementary school kids in a field | Monkey Business Images |

Some people think we’re just criminals and thugs.

They hate the texture of our hair and the color of our skin.

But we all know better than to believe in their lies.

Because we know our worth.

Always know your worth.

You are all beautiful young women and handsome young…

White Violence Against Black Bodies: 1619–2021

Microsoft PowerPoint Designer | L.A. Justice

The Whip

Threats of violence against African villages

Black bodies sold to European “explorers”

Lives and livelihood disrupted by their evil racism and greed

Claims of Manifest Destiny

False notions of white superiority

Human trafficking along the Middle Passage

The Triangular Trade becoming a Black hole of death

Slave ships sailing along…

By love I mean reads, claps and comments please

Hand drawn word — love with doodle heart | Simeonn |

Before I ask anyone to read, clap, and comment on any of my work, I feel obligated to explain why I’m making such a request. Of course it’s because I would like the reads, claps, and comments, but it’s really because I’m exhausted.

My new job is keeping me extremely…

Writing Community + WEOC Perspective

Some people are just salty. Let it go and move on.

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In usual fashion, whenever a big contest of significant monetary prizes is involed, the haters come out of the woodwork as soon as the winners are announced. The recent Medium Writers Challenge is no exception. I have been reading the comments on social media and many people are simply salty.

A re-interpretation of the creation story

Planet Earth, bright sun shines, blue sky, eternity and heaven. Elements of this image furnished by NASA / IgorZH /

The beginning

In the beginning, I created the heavens and the earth. Of the billions of galaxies I created, the earth was most precious to me. Although it was formless and empty, with darkness over the surface of the deep, my Spirit was always present, hovering over the earth’s waters. My desire…

How social media exposes their truth

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I previously published an article entitled “White People, It’s Time to Stop the Performative Allyship.” In it, I call for an end to various methods that are celebrated by white people as allyship but are recognized by Black people as being nothing more than performative. These would include the self-congratulatory…

L.A. Justice

Social Justice Organizer & Activist | Theologian | Author | Educator | Previously a Biochemist | Member of #WEOC | A Top Writer in Racism and BlackLivesMatter

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