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I Lost the Medium Writers Challenge Too, but I’m Not Whining About It

Some people are just salty. Let it go and move on.

L.A. Justice
4 min readOct 14, 2021
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In usual fashion, whenever a big contest of significant monetary prizes is involed, the haters come out of the woodwork as soon as the winners are announced. The recent Medium Writers Challenge is no exception. I have been reading the comments on social media and many people are simply salty.

In some cases, the jealousy is downright atrocious.

Some people are complaining about the length of the winning articles being too long. Some are complaining that the grand prize winner shouldn’t have also won for the category. Others are saying they are underwhelmed by the writing quality of the winning essays.

And many are angry that the winner wasn’t a previous writer on Medium and apparently owns a business and therefore isn’t deserving of winning because they don’t “need” Medium’s money, while others do. One went so far as to write an article saying that the winning essay should have been disqualified. The list goes on.

But not too many of these bitter losers are willing to admit that maybe they didn’t win the contest because they need to improve the quality of their writing.

Also, there are always other writers who are better than us, and there are also better topics that possibly could have been chosen to write about. There are any number of reasons why the rest of us didn’t win the Challenge.

I submitted two pieces to the contest. My second piece I honestly didn’t think had a chance of winning because it wasn’t a personal essay, and I wasn’t sure if they all had to be personal. But I thought I’d give it a try anyway. However, with my first piece, I truly thought I had a good chance of winning.

It is one of my better performing pieces and it was listed for a week or so as one of the best pieces in that category under the topics tag. So, I imagined myself purchasing a badly needed new car, paying off a couple of debts, and putting the rest in savings.



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